Angie Stone

Genre : Funk
Performances at JIJJF
Website :
Song Teaser : (All songs need windows media player)
About This Act :
Pure mahogany soul. Seeing and hearing soul singer-instrumentalist extraordinaire Angie Stone is like witnessing the best of music’s haughtiest divas, past and present, rolled into one. She’s had hits as a member of soul-hop acts Vertical Hold and The Sequence as well as throughout her solo career – big autobiographical ballads “No More Rain (in This Cloud)” and “Brotha.” Angie, a onetime collaborator with the likes of D’Angelo, Lenny Kravitz and Mary J. Blige, has made a career out of stirringly sad, Edith Piaf-like musings with a voice that’s both ferocious and humble.

Pending Final Confirmation

  • Krakatau Featuring Richard Elliot
  • Special Percussion Gig featuring Benny Mustapha
  • The Young Generation Big Band conducted By Dwiki Darmawan

Artist still to be considered

  • Balawan
  • Bubi Chen Quartet
  • Gilang Ramadhan Group
  • Indra Aziz
  • Paragita UI Choir
  • Viewpoints – featuring Aryono Huboyo Djati
  • Vina Panduwinata

taken from :


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