Carleen Anderson

Genre : Jazz Vocal
Performances at JIJJF
Website :
Song Teaser : (All songs need windows media player)
About This Act :
My journey began with me being raised by my birth father’s parents, who had been Louisiana sharecroppers born near the beginning of the 20th century. The union of a preacher’s son whom himself became a preacher, and the female soul singer who was the featured vocalist for James Brown during the 1960’s and 1970’s, educated me well in the extremes of human nature. I grew up with my very lovingly religious grandparents in Houston Texas during the civil rights movement. After a brief marriage in 1978, I spent the 1980’s being a single Mom in California, then my son and I brought in the 21st century as UK residents. This experience, full of social and political diversity, has been the reference source that earns my keep through lyrical and musical expressions. It is a unique heritage full of complicated challenges that have caused me to have a strong faith in the belief that the primary sustenance for a balanced life depends on the ability to truly love and to be loved truthfully, in return.

My recording career began with the Young Disciples after relocating to England in June 1990. The album I recorded with them, which I sang and wrote songs for, Road to Freedom, included the dance club hit, Apparently Nothin’, a spring board that later spearheaded me to being the lead vocalist for the Brand New Heavies in 1999 and 2000, for their tour to promote their album, Trunk Funk, a collection of the Brand New Heavies greatest hits. From 1992 to 1998, I was signed to Virgin Records on their Circa Label and recorded 2 solo albums for them, True Spirit and Blessed Burden. My music production and song writing skills were groomed and polished with my second solo album, Blessed Burden, recorded with Paul Weller, who co-produced the album with me and co-wrote some of the songs as well. Paul Weller continues to be a loyal supporter of my music and the encouraging brother that champions me, regardless.

My first independently recorded album, Alberta’s GrandDaughter, a tribute to my grandmother, released in 2002, was co-produced with the talented Ben Castle, son of the famous British trumpeter, Roy Castle. Ben Castle brought with him several talented musicians to record on Alberta’s GrandDaughter, who still tour and record with me. Colin Walker, who engineered and co-produced Alberta’s GrandDaughter, also became my business manager, a decision that has brought me indescribable benefits. Colin Walker, along with keyboardist and co-producer of Alberta’s GrandDaughter, Mark Edwards, also produced my live performance DVD, Grace & Favours, filmed in Birmingham, England, in 2003. My current offering, Soul Providence, scheduled for release early autumn 2005, again produced by Colin Walker and Mark Edwards, has guest performances with Jocelyn Brown and Paul Weller. This album represents the mature me, the woman who survived the disappointments with a passionate smile of joyful restitution.

I live a life that could never have been planned. I take the road less travelled, continuously. Despite the conflicts and complications, my soul is provided for and my salvation is free. Onwards and forwards, love and let love be.

Pending Final Confirmation

  • Krakatau Featuring Richard Elliot
  • Special Percussion Gig featuring Benny Mustapha
  • The Young Generation Big Band conducted By Dwiki Darmawan

Artist still to be considered

  • Balawan
  • Bubi Chen Quartet
  • Gilang Ramadhan Group
  • Indra Aziz
  • Paragita UI Choir
  • Viewpoints – featuring Aryono Huboyo Djati
  • Vina Panduwinata

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