Genre : Jazz Vocal
Performances at JIJJF
Friday March 4, 2005
Lobby Stage 1
Website :
Song Teaser : (All songs need windows media player)
About This Act :
Cherokee’s journey in the long and winding road of stardom only several weeks ago when Rio Moreno (pianist) and his talented friends Harry Toledo (bassist), Iwan Wiradz (percussionist), Kadek Rihardika (guitarist), Cendy Luntungan (drummer) and Tompi (vocalist) launch their first album “Inner Beauty”. So far their three weeks journey has resulted in some remarkable achievements considering in the jazz market. Cheerokee’s hit single, “One Love Forever”, topped the radio charts in Jogjakarta and Solo before any sygnificant promotion has been launched. Total 1.000 copies of CD and cassettes have been sold within two weeks. These days, their schedule is filled with radio interviews. Inner beauty is a compilations of ten original compositions by the band members including three vocal song featuring Uci Nurul from Elfas Singers. Also featured in this album is the composition and performance of Gita Wirjawan, a contemporary jazz musician who is also the Executive Producer of the album. Gita wirjawan is known as a top investment banker in Singapore. Inner Bauty is released with colaboration of Omega Production and PT Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia as distributor. The Album will be released in Singapore with Zag Production as distributor. Cherokee has come to the Indonesian music industry providing Inner Beauty to all music lovers. Let The Cherokee’s future step give a meaningful contribution to the Indonesian music performance.

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