Gabriel Grossi

  Genre: Instrumental Jazz
  Performances at Java Jazz Festival:
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About This Act :
Gabriel Grossi is a young brazilian harmonica player, one of the most representative player´s of a new generation of musicians that have been impact in the brazilian musical scene. He put together an extraordinary virtuosity and a very accurate sensitivity, walking through the limits of the chromatic harmonica exploring many genres that compose the richness of Brazilian music. He develops an improvisation language that searchs for expressive and unusual ways.

He has been working in performances shows and recordings in Brazil and other countries with great names from the brazilian music like: Chico Buarque, Ivan Lins, Leila Pinheiro, João Donato, Guinga, Lenine, Djavan, Milton Nascimento, Dominguinhos, Maria Bethânia, Ney Matogrosso among others, besides Hermeto Pascoal, one of his great influences. He plays on the Thiago do Espírito Santo sextet and has already worked with Paulo Moura and the singers Zélia Duncan and Beth Carvalho, which he has recorded their last´s CD’s and DVD’s.

Nowadays he is in the release tour of the album “Brasilianos”, from Hamilton de Holanda, working with his quintet: Daniel Santiago ( guitar), André Vasconcelos (bass),Márcio Bahia (drums), Gabriel Grossi (harmonica) and Hamilton de Holanda (mandolim). He also recorded an album with the guitarist Marco Pereira named “Afinidade”, both in the Biscoito Fino record´s.Now he is working on his next solo´cd. Gabriel received compliments from two of the most world representative names of the harmonica. Toots Thielemans says “I am very impressed with Gabriel Grossi, he plays the harmonica very easily, he is a musician of great blast. I also admire his songwriting and his domain of Brazilian language.” Mauricio Einhorn, who was his teacher also says “He is a spetacular harmonic player, a muscian with strong personality with a big passion for music and the harmonica, I feel proud of myself for participate in his CD (Diz que fui por aí)”.

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