Gary Anthony

  Genre: Jazz Vocal
  Performances at Java Jazz Festival:
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About This Act :
Gary Anthony and his tribute to Frank Sinatra

When Delta Airlines and the National Basketball Association in the USA launched a new promotional campaign in 2003, the star of the commercial was fondly remembered as Ol’ Blue Eyes. The theme for the commercial was the title of one of Frank Sinatra’s signature songs, “I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN,” and the NBA producers found the Frank they were looking for in Gary Anthony. As the premier Sinatra impersonator in Las Vegas, Gary was selected in a nationwide search to replicate the mega star.

Anthony grew up in Los Angeles with a musical family headed by his father, a big-band director. Music came naturally to the third of 11 children. Singing Sinatra songs most his life, at the age of 10 his father, being his worst critic, allowed him to sing with his band for the first time and was an instant hit allowing Gary the opportunity to developed the voice in every phrase of the word. Then at age 18, alongside three brothers and one sister, became known and toured as “The Allens.” They topped the US musical charts in 1975 with the song “HIGH TIDE,” Produced by Mike Curb Productions, written by The Osmonds and recorded at the Motown Studios. After nine years of touring, the family group disbanded and Anthony ventured into the world of standup comedy, a recording and sound engineer for well-known bands such as Danny Elfman’s “Oingo Boingo”, and other well known L.A. bands, but his musical roots drew him back to performing on stage.

Having to be blessed with the voice, Anthony moved to Las Vegas in 1994. His destiny was upon him to create his long life dream of honoring and to pay tribute to a legacy performing all over the world.

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