Jane Project

  Genre: Soul/Jazz
  Performances at Java Jazz Festival:
Saturday March 8, 2008, Simpati
About This Act :
The Jane Project Danny & Jane , had set up a new band ,together with four very gifted musicians: • Drums and Backing vocals – Michael van Amstel • Guitar and Backing vocals – Dave van Amstel • SAX , Percussion and Flute – Franklin Ceasar • Piano – Junus Manuputtij • Lead Vocal – Jane Talany • Bass and Backing vocals – Danny Talany They all have develop their skills in all sorts of sessions, studio’s in their own and foreign countries. These musicians really have found each other and they are one in all sorts of ways. They all share the same beliefs ,expectations , emotions and not to forget that they experienced and went through the same trails. This makes it possible for them to converse with each other through their music. If you listen to the music of “ The Jane Project” you hear jazz merged with soul. Because of this they created a very interesting special sound. Their music is an absolute pleasure to listen to! Be blessed and enjoy listening to the music of “ The Jane Project “ WITH WHOM THEY’VE WORKED The next information gives a little impression of the experiences from Danny & Jane, professional artists. An honor and true climax of their career on stage was a performance for former-President Bill Clinton and the Dutch Royal Family. Another important matter to mention is that Danny & Jane went to the Molukken (Indonesia) , Together with 8 children they record a cd named “Rumah seng ada Pintu”. The income of this project is used for the children who lost their homes and families in Indonesia. Reference of Danny & Jane ,that has worked for a lot of famous artist. • Metropool Orchestra • Gloria Gaynor • Ton Hadley • Eternal • Venga Boys • Boy Zone • Zucchero • Johnny Logan • Daniel Sahuleka • Song Festival • Candy Dulfer • Kid Creole • The Temptations • Ruth Jacot • Supertramp etc….

taken from :javajazzfestival.com/2008/artists


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