Genre : Fusion/Jazzrock
Performances at JIJJF
Website :
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About This Act :
Started from Dimas (Bass) and Randy (Guitar) interest in jazz music, Jazzyphonic was formed in early January 2003. They recruited Aldhan (Piano) and Aldhi (Drum) to complete the formation. At first they only played at a small scale event, such as graduation ceremony, birthday celebration and independence day celebration.

At August 2003 they decided to enter the “Indonesia Open Jazz Band Competition”, where they’re claimed to be the youngest contestant ever to reach the final (most of the personnel was 16 years old when they enter the competition). Being the underdog, Jazzyphonic surprisingly become the runner-up of the prestigious competition. Some of the committee said that Jazzyphonic brings a breath of fresh air, playing a great arrangement and also beautifully, despite their young age.

After their shocking win in Indonesia Open Jazz 2003, they entered the Jazz Goes To Campus Band Competition. At the competition a PR saw their raw talent and decided to recruit Jazzyphonic and a couple of other band to join his event, called “Sunday Jazz“. Until this moment, Jazzyphonic still play the event which was held at ZOOM Resto and Lounge.

Having enough experience under their belt, they came up with an idea to increase their musical diversity, recruiting two female vocalist as an addition to the band. The change of formation made them change their name from Jazzyphonic to Jazzyphonic & Friends.

Dhika and Gya, the two addition to the band, have many musical experiences. Dhika is an experienced vocalist with numerous win in singing competitions while Gya is a backing vocal for the famous “Audiensi Band” who is also have experience in singing competition.

Unfortunately, Gya decided to leave the band to pursue her solo career, releasing her first album “Semoga Kau Mengerti” in August.

Having to find another vocalist to replace Gya for their next gig, they recruited Dini who was the winner of the singing competition held by TPI, “Bakal Beken”. She also had won a number of competitions.

Once again, to add color to their musical style, they added a flutist to the band. Yaya, who is also a member of the prestigious “Twilite Orchestra” joined the band in September.

The formation stayed the same until now.

Pending Final Confirmation

  • Krakatau Featuring Richard Elliot
  • Special Percussion Gig featuring Benny Mustapha
  • The Young Generation Big Band conducted By Dwiki Darmawan

Artist still to be considered

  • Balawan
  • Bubi Chen Quartet
  • Gilang Ramadhan Group
  • Indra Aziz
  • Paragita UI Choir
  • Viewpoints – featuring Aryono Huboyo Djati
  • Vina Panduwinata

taken from : javajazzfestival.com


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