Jeff Kashiwa

  Genre: Instrumental Jazz
  Performances at Java Jazz Festival:
About This Act :
One of the most successful smooth jazz saxophonists, Jeff Kashiwa made his name as a member of the popular group the Rippingtons. Starting out on the clarinet at age ten, it would be two years before the Seattle-born musician switched to saxophone. Kashiwa moved to Boston to attend Berklee College and developed an interest in straight-ahead jazz — a skill that often colors his live performances.
He toured with the ska/reggae group the Untouchables performing on MTV\’s first Spring Break. Later, while working at a grocery store by day and playing at night, Kashiwa hired bassist Steve Bailey — then with the Rippingtons — to play on a gig. Bailey introduced Kashiwa to the Rippingtons\’ pianist and leader Russ Freeman who hired Kashiwa in 1989 when the group\’s original saxophonist, Brandon Fields, left the group. It was during this time with the Rippingtons that Kashiwa recorded two solo albums, Remember Catalina in 1995 and Walkamile in 1997. Then, in 1999, he left the Rippingtons to concentrate more energy on his own band, Coastal Access.

Kashiwa\’s solo career has been in joyfully frenetic overdrive since the incredible success of \”Hyde Park (The Aah, Ooh Song),\” a number one hit on the Radio & Records airplay chart for over eight weeks in 2000. In 2006, he reunited with the Rippingtons for the group\’s 20th Anniversary Tour and appeared as a guest on the band\’s 20th Anniversary release. In the summer of 2007, he was featured on more live dates with the Rippingtons and released his fourth Native Language disc Play.

~ Matt Collar & Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

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