Luis Giraldo

Genre : Jazz Vocal
Performances at JIJJF
Friday March 3, 2006
Friday March 3, 2006
Dji Sam Soe Meeting Point
Friday March 3, 2006
Dji Sam Soe Meeting Point
Sunday March 5, 2006
Kasuari Lounge
Website :
Song Teaser : (All songs need windows media player)
About This Act :
Luis Giraldo – Vocals and Piano
Rick Kilburn – Bass
Chris Nordquist – Drums

Luis Giraldo began playing the piano and singing at the age of 16. Making his way through Rock, Ska, Latin, Celtic, and a few other styles, he would eventually find Jazz.

At the age of 22 he found himself touring on keyboards, guitar and vocals with Pop superstar Shakira, and also recording and touring with some of the biggest names in music in Colombia, his homeland.

His desire for Audio studies took him to Vancouver, Canada where he has decided to stay. After a few years in Vancouver, he began accompanying female vocalists in the ‘Jazz Diva’ boom at many of the local lounges, Jazz bars and hotels, but quickly crafted his own style and began recording his own project and performing his own shows.

On his first release, a Vocal Jazz album entitled Day Dream, he recorded with Juno Award-Winning and Grammy nominated bassist Rick Kilburn (Chet Baker, Dave Brubeck) and pianist Chris Sigerson. A truly outstanding CD, not to be missed!! Bassist Rick Kilburn performs with him at JJF, joined by drummer Chris Nordquist.

He has also released a second album, entitled ‘When I Fall In Love’, with Giraldo piano as well. He hopes to find international label interest for both of his albums which have been so well received in the Philippines by Universal Records.

His wide scope of influences are sure to bring you a wonderful concert with songs and moments that will not be forgotten!

Pending Final Confirmation

  • Krakatau Featuring Richard Elliot
  • Special Percussion Gig featuring Benny Mustapha
  • The Young Generation Big Band conducted By Dwiki Darmawan

Artist still to be considered

  • Balawan
  • Bubi Chen Quartet
  • Gilang Ramadhan Group
  • Indra Aziz
  • Paragita UI Choir
  • Viewpoints – featuring Aryono Huboyo Djati
  • Vina Panduwinata

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