Megan Bowman

  Genre: Jazz Vocal
  Performances at Java Jazz Festival:
Saturday March 8, 2008, Lobby Stage 2
Sunday March 9, 2008, Dji Sam Soe Meeting Point
About This Act :
Megan Bowman – Bio Fusing rootsy-jazz-pop in a powerful one-woman show, Australian singer-songwriter Megan Bowman is a magnetic ‘must see’ live performer. A 2006 John Butler Seed grant recipient, Megan is “sexy and intoxicating” (WLIB/WBLS Radio, NYC), “an awesome local talent” (FasterLouder, Sydney), and an independent artist who is “taking on the world and winning it over one heart at a time” (Inpress, Melbourne). Megan has played in smoky clubs in NYC and various festivals in Australia and North America since 2003. Her performances include Earth Hour in Sydney, International Women’s Day in Melbourne, Bluesfest in Byron Bay and the Epcot International Festival in Florida with the indigenous act ‘Descendance’. Megan’s recently released debut album ‘Wonderlust’ (Raw Love/MGM) was recorded in NYC with musicians associated with Ani Difranco & Norah Jones. ‘Wonderlust’ has been lauded “a world-class release” (Music Australia Guide, Sydney) and “an easy album to fall in love with” (mX, Melbourne). And this is just the beginning for Megan. Follow the advice of Billy Pinnell (3RRR Fm, Melbourne) and “go out of your way to see Megan play live” when she performs as part of the Java Jazz Festival 2008.

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