Genre : Electronic Jazz
Performances at JIJJF
Friday March 3, 2006
BNI 46
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About This Act :
MEZZOFORTE. In global pop industry terms, jazz – funksters Mezzoforte would in 1983 have seemed rather an unlikely bunch to become the pioneers of a long awaited ´breaking of the ice´ for the desperately isolated musical community of Iceland. Still, thanks to the combination of a dead cool summer anthem, and the daring optimism of their gutsy manager, Mezzoforte indeed became the surprise hit makers of 1983 in the UK , with a single called Garden Party taken from an album fittingly titled Surprise Surprise! The rest of the world would soon follow and start heading for Mezzoforte´s funky Garden Party, only to be pleasantly surprised and amused.

Essentially, still a ´boy band´, these baby faced whiz kids were just teenagers at the time, having found each other at the tender age of 15 and matured surprisingly fast on a healthy musical diet, balancing Keith Jarret with George Duke and Duke Ellington with Weather Report.

Now, in the summer of 2004, having firmly stayed together and stuck to their powerful guns, survived at least three seven year itches as well as a number of considerable highs and lows, the group is now on a roll into a fresh creative whirlwind, onto what seems set to become yet another exciting and adventurous journey.

Having through the years toured over thirty countries, released 11 albums and consistently impressed audiences and critics alike, there is currently a brand new collection of works in the can, and an ambitious tour to follow.

With all four founding members Eythor Gunnarsson on keyboards, Fridrik Karlsson on guitar, Johann Asmundsson on bass and Gulli Briem on drums, the distinctive Mezzoforte-sound has developed and matured through time without loosing the original sparkle that initially created their international reputation.

Having worked with some of the world´s most renowned wind instrumentalists, Mezzoforte has now proudly added Icelandic reedman Joel Pálsson to their stable of repectable side men. The latst addition to the live band is guitarist Gudmundur Petursson who joined in 2004, taking the place of Fridrik Karlsson, whose busy schedule with musical projects of his own as well as session work for various artists has limited his flexibility to tour. Fridrik remains fully active in the writing and recording part of the bands activities.

Mezzoforte as a group, holds a very special place in their native Iceland. They were after all the the first Icelandic musicians to open the gates to the world market as well as opening the eyes of the world to the fact that in the high north, not unlike the deep south, there is some great music to be found, music that reflects the unique inventiveness, buzzing energy and general Fortissimos of its creators.

Mezzoforte have been at it since they were 15 . They´re still Playing for Time, still Rising, and seemingly with No limits. It now looks like they´re in it for a lifetime. Whether you belong to the formidable congregation of faithful followers or have just joined the club, you´re in for a treat. Mezzoforte are preparing for a 21st Century Garden Party and it´s about to start. I´m counting on being on the guest list….

Jacques F. Magnét

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