Michiel Borstlap `Eldorado`

Genre: Electronic Jazz
Performances at Java Jazz Festival:
Friday March 7, 2008, Yamaha
Sunday March 9, 2008, Simpati
About This Act :
Michiel Borstlap has worked with some of the greatest musicians in the world including Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Gino Vannelli, Bill Bruford, Jimmy Haslip, Pat Metheny, the Metropole Orchestra, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Edsilia Rombley, George Duke and Jeff “Tain” Watts. With one of them, or all alone he played the biggest festivals in the world. In 2003 the Emira of Qatar, HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al-Missned, commissioned Michiel Borstlap to compose the world’s first Arabic Opera about Ibn Sina (commonly known in English by his Latinized name Avicenna). Opera Avicenna premiered in Qatar’s capital Doha, and was televised to an audience of over 300 million viewers. Michiel Borstlap has received prestigious awards for his music. He is the winner of the 1996 Thelonious Monk/BMI Composers Award (event televised by CNN), the winner of the 1992 Prize for Best Soloist at Europe Jazz Contest, and a nominee for the 2007 Polar Music Prize. Michiel writes books and magazine columns. In 2006 he published his first book (in Dutch) titled Opera in Qatar. He is also a columnist for Esquire. Michiel has composed two film scores, one for the 2007 film Last Looks (by American director Barry Alexander Brown), and one for the film Tiramisu (by Dutch director Paula van der Oest). Michiel is also involved in humanitarian efforts. He is an ambassador for Wings of Support, a private initiative launched by KLM & Martinair staff to address the problem of poverty around the world. Michiel recorded four albums for Universal/EmArCy as a leader, all receiving Edison nominees. 1966 Born in The Hague, the Netherlands 1986 First scholarship composersprize for national radio 1990 Second prize at Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) Intl Jazzcompetition 1992 Graduated cum laude at Hilversum Conservatory (lessons with Henk Elkerbout, Rob Madna & Frans van Dalen) 1992 Release of first album with the Michiel Borstlap Sextet ‘DAY OFF’ 1992 First prize at Europ’ JazzContest (Belgium), and ‘Prize for best Soloist 1995 CD with Michiel Borstlap Sextet ‘ The Sextet Live 2CD’ 1996 Thelonious Monk/BMI Composers Award (Washington, USA) for Michiel’s composition Memory of Enchantment. Event televized by ao. CNN. 1996 Tour with saxplayer Dick de Graaf through Mali, Burkina and Senegal 1997 Michiel Borstlap BMI showcase at the Iridium, New York, attented by Herbie Hancock, Milt Jackson & George Benson 1997 CD with Bennink/Borstlap/Glerum ‘3’ 1997 Concerts in Damascus, Allepo and Beirout 1997 CD with Michiel Borstlap Trio ‘RESIDENCE’ 1997 Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter, who performed Memory of Enchantment recorded this song on their grammy nominated album ‘1+1’(Verve/Universal). In 8 consequtive years Hancock & Shorter performed this piece. 1999 Michiel signs exclusive recording contract with EmArCy/Universal, for 4 albums. 1999 CD with Michiel Borstlap ‘BODY ACOUSTIC’, touring in Europe’s biggest jazzfestivals like Berlin, Umbria & North Sea Jazzfestival. 1999 Last tour with Michiel Borstlap Sextet through China 1999 Tour with Bennink/Borstlap/Glerum through Australia and New York 1999 First soloconcert at the Main Hall of the Royal Concertgebouw, Amsterdam 2000 Tour and CD with Jimmy Haslip, ‘LIVELINE’ 2000 Commissioned to compose for Netherlands Blazers Ensemble 2001 Starting a band and duo with Trijntje Oosterhuis 2001 Tours through India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Norway, and Japan 2002 Release of CD ‘GRAMERCY PARK | 3CDset’ 2002 Tours through Colombia, Tanzania, Zambia, Germany, South Africa and Japan 2003 Tours in Middle East, USA, Hungary, Taiwan, Japan, the UK and Germany 2003 Concert with Pat Metheny at North Sea Jazzfestival 2003 Commissioned by the Emir of Qatar, Michiel composes the world’s first Arabic Opera, Opera Ibn Sina. The opera premiered live at Al Jazeera for 300 million viewers. 2004 CD Michiel Borstlap ‘PIANO SOLO |STANDARDS’ 2004 DVD Bill Bruford & Michiel Borstlap ‘LIVE IN HOLLAND’ 2005 DVD/CD Han Bennink/Michiel Borstlap/Ernst Glerum 2005 CD with Bill Bruford/Michiel Borstlap ‘EVERY STEP A DANCE EVERY WORD A SONG 2005 CD Michiel Borstlap ‘COFFEE & JAZZ’ 2006 Starting Duo and band with Gino Vannelli, concerts with Bill Bruford in Norway/UK 2007 Nominated for the Polar Music Prize 2007 Concerts with Gino Vannelli in Montreal, Moscow, Napels, Torino, North Sea, Umea & Paris 2007 BBC broadcast of Michiel’s concert with Bill Bruford at the London Jazzfestival 2008 CD with Bill Bruford & Michiel Borstlap ‘IN TWO MINDS’ 2008 CD Michiel Borstlap ‘ELDORADO’taken from : javajazzfestival.com/2008/artists

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