Mike Nock Trio

  Genre: Instrumental Jazz
  Performances at Java Jazz Festival:
Saturday March 8, 2008, Dji Sam Soe Meeting Point
Sunday March 9, 2008, Femina Lounge
  Website: www.mikenock.com
About This Act :
Celebrated pianist/composer Mike Nock has remained at the forefront of Australasian Jazz since his return from the US in 1985, continuing to attract critical acclaim and delight audiences worldwide. First coming to wide international recognition in 1969 through his band the seminal jazz-rock group THE FOURTH WAY, he has continued to expand his musical persona through his many recordings and compositional projects. His extensive experience with many of the world’s top musicians ( Michael Brecker, Dionne Warwick, Lionel Hampton etc., ) give his live performances an uncommon breadth and depth.

With a constantly evolving concept his current trio lineup features the remarkable talents of bassist Ben Waples and drummer Laurence Pike. Still in their late twenties their virtuosity and unique instrumental gifts have already seen them tour widely and record with a broad range of top contemporary music groups, both in Australia and overseas. Their extraordinary talents and shared musical history with Mike bring a fresh excitement to the music, transcending the standard jazz trio format.

“Sunday’s headline artist was brilliant pianist Mike Nock, who premiered his new trio featuring Ben Waples and Laurence Pike with tremendous energy and open-hearted spontaneity.” The AGE ( Melbourne ) Jan 29th, 2008.

“Mike Nock, one of the world’s top jazz pianists, fronts arguably the best band he has had in the 20 years since returning from the US.”

“Piano maestro and winner of this year’s Aria jazz award, Mike Nock led his trio in a dazzling performance at the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz.”
THE AUSTRALIAN Nov 6th, 2007.

“After 40 years of working at the forefront of the New Zealand, Australian and American jazz scenes, Nock knows how to create successful improvised music. This is a trio in which the three voices are equal and bring out the best in each other. Nock’s inventiveness dazzles one minute and deeply moves the next.” 24 HOURS Magazine ( Australia ) May 2003.

“Mike Nock is an international treasure…” JAZZ TIMES ( USA ) May 2000

Find out more at http://www.mikenock.com

taken from : javajazzfestival.com/2008/artists


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