Peter White & Michael Paolo Band

Genre : Miscellaneous
Performances at JIJJF
Friday March 3, 2006
Medco Energy
Website :
Song Teaser : (All songs need windows media player)
About This Act :
I was born in 1954 in Luton, about 30 miles north of London, England. My parents already had a son- John, so I was the second-born in the family. Soon after, my sister Michele arrived, and the whole family moved to the nearby town of Letchworth Garden City, where my father had spent his youth. It was the first planned city in England, where every house had a garden – thus the name, Letchworth Garden City. (I’m not absolutely certain of this, but it sounds plausible!).My younger brother Danny was born a few years later- one of my earliest memories was of my mother returning from the hospital with our new baby brother.

I started playing with my own band, and developing my own show. My friend, Steve Chapman, who was a drummer with Al Stewart, put down his drumsticks and became my manager. He has guided me to this day.

In 1995 I was part of the first “Guitars & Saxes” tour, together with Richard Elliot, Warren Hill and Craig Chaquico. Since then I have played on many other “Guitars and Saxes” tours, as well as doing numerous shows with my own band.

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