Tetsuo Sakurai

Genre: Fusion/Jazzrock
Performances at Java Jazz Festival:
Saturday March 8, 2008, Medco Energy
Website: http://www.tetsuosakurai.com/
About This Act :
Tetsuo Sakurai (born November 13, 1957 in Tokyo) is a Japanese bassist. He started playing bass when he was 13 years old.He was a member of the jazz fusion band Casiopea in 1976-1989 and Jimsaku with Akira Jimbo in 1990-1998.He has released a total of 37 albums as members of Casiopea and Jimsaku as well as solo. He also made 3 instructional videos. Now, he is composing and playing his own music as a solo artist with domestic and foreign musicians. The 3rd solo album TLM20, released in 2000, was recorded live concert with Casiopea members, Issei Noro and Minoru Mukaiya. Akira Jimbo also performed on drums. Kazuki Katsuta of Dimension was the lead on sax. The 4th solo album GENTLE HEARTS, released in 2001, was recorded with Greg Howe & Dennis Chambers. The 5th solo album Cartas do Brasil, released in 2003, as the self cover vocal ballad album recorded in Rio de Janeiro with Djavan, Ivan Lins, Rosa Passos and so on. In 2004, Tetsuo toured with Greg & Dennis. The following year, the tour live performances was released on DVD titled GENTLE HEARTS TOUR 2004.

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taken from :javajazzfestival.com/2008/artists


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